Second conversation with Paulina Abrons

I talked with Paulina again, but only a few minutes, because she was very busy, and the internet signal was intermittent. She explained to me about Causative verbs, because I had some problems when I trate to make these sensences in the platform.

Then we speak a little about another things and I send a song for her. She loves dance salsa, but the song was a merengue.

I hope that Paulina does very well in her exams so we can talk soon.

¡Suerte Paulina!!

Making the practice

Hello everybody.
I was talking to Amelia and Robin, my english partners, last week. I spoke for about 1 hour to each one.
I'll start telling you about my conversation with Amelia Frank. At first we introduced ourselves. She's a sociology's student at Oberlin College, Ohio. He's 23 years old and she's on her last major's year.
We talked in spanish for a while and she surpprised me because she spoke very well. In that moment she explained to me that she lived and studied in La Habana, Cuba for three months. She'd like to travel to some more spanish speakers countries and knowing their culture, history and international relations.
She's working in her thesis and she decided to translate Cuentos de Eva Luna by Isabel Allende of who she's fan.

Robin Beck is a sociology's student too. He lives in an appartment with his girlfriend close to the college. He's from New York. We talked about trips. We answered ourselves questions such as: "where would you like to go for vacations?". We talked about how much interesting it would be to visit indian ruins such as Macchu Picchu or Monte Alban.
We also spoke about our future plans. He's plannig to find a job after his graduation. He told me that he hopes to work in organizations which work in social justice and international cooperation.

I'll continue practising my english skills with this two interesting persons.
That's all for now.

Conversation with Paulina Abrons

I talked with Paulina Abrons last Thursday 7th. She Speaks spanish very well, we spoke in spanish and in english.

Paulina is 20 years old, and studies Anthropology at Oberlin College, in Ohio.

She's a vegetarian, when she was a child she discovered that the meat is a live animal before it is food, so she decided not to eat meat.
We talked about the things that I do in my free time, our countries and the places where we like to visit. She has visited many places in the world. Paulina told me that she is of Egyptian descent and is learning Arabic for the next time that she goes to Egypt. I love traveling abroad too, but I have visited less places than she has.
I hope I continue getting to know her and practicing my English lessons with her help.

Pablo: 1st Conversation with Susan

Hi guys, Finally I got talk with one of my English partners!
Her name is Susan Silverman, she's 20 years. She's from Los Angeles, California and she study Anthropology on Oberlin College, Ohio(In the center of the US). We talk for around 1hr, and she tell me about her College, about the Ohio state among other things. Ohio is an agriculture State in US and she chose Ohio because she want to study in a quiet and security place. She talk spanish very well, she hope to learn spanish because in the US it's important to get a job.

Oberlin College, Ohio.

Corn Farm, Ohio

The Oberlin College has around 3.000 students and that's good because the people are very nice and they can talk with other students without problems. She lives in a dorm with another students.
During the summer (in winter for us) she go to the UCLA (University of California in Los Angeles) to take some classes to complement her major.
She study spanish from the primary school, but the spanish level on the school is too low. She travel to Spain when she has 16 years old, and she like to practice spanish languaje.
We scheduled to talk tomorrow about specific topics like:

- Chilean and Latinamerican History.
- Spanish music

When we start the unit 2 we talk about the topic of the module 3

That's all for today
I'll be waiting for your comments


Who are we?

Nice Conversation!

Hi Friends!!

Just I wanna tell you that I was talking with my new friend of USA, She is Hannah Joseph. It was very interesting to me that conversation, because I could know more about ungraduated school of there, we could talk about our future plans, and I could share my experience about my major with Hannah, because she's studying something with medicine too, so we could compare our countries in that field.

We were talking a long time, but it seemed like just one minute! It was very very interesting, and now I know that this kind of activities could be very funny.

Ahora Sí....... Comentarios

I talked with Sunjana for 10 minutes yesterday (26th April) and ask her about her basic info like a way to intruduce us..

I talked for an hour with Paulina Abrons, and I made a correction of her post: "La perspectiva extranjera de los EEUU", in her blog.

today (27th April) I talked with Paulina Abrons roughly 40 minutes, and she told me:

Last december when she went to Argentina for 6 days with her sister and her uncle; She had a problem in the NY's airport, an snowstorm, for that reason she flew 2 days after in bussiness class for 10 hours in the plane's back; It was horrible as she said me!!!!"

She live in a College dorm, she needs to cook once a week and clean her stuff. She has roommate who studied in Walles and speaks Spanish!!!!!!

I told her about where I live, with who, about my neighbours, etc...

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